This book is designed to open at random for the Guidance for the day. This is a book of spiritual arrows. Let each arrow fly straight to your heart! Let it pierce your veil of everyday existence, for then you will discover, through quiet contemplation of each softly spoken guidance, the great richness, which is you! Words of Guidance are truly words to live by. They are the channelled words of Son of White Cloud and the Wise Ones. These Native American ancestors are here to offer their words of guidance and wisdom to all that are willing to listen. “Know you are one with Great Spirit” says Son of White Cloud.

Profound wisdom is to be found by allowing yourself to surrender to these arrows.

Warning! – This book may be advantageous to your Health!. This book has been designed to trigger spontaneous healings. These healings may occur on one or all of your four levels (bodies): – Emotional body, Spiritual Body, Mental Body or Physical Body.   Written by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald (c) 1997 published by HiHorse Publishing.