The Australian animals resonate with the timeless wisdom and energy of this our ancient land. Many of them are truly unique to the Australian continent and are beyond comparison with the characteristics of animals found in other parts of the world. They are truly remarkable creatures with much to offer us in understanding the nature of our own being.

In exploring the ‘Wisdom of the Australian Animals’ and your animal Totems, I have identified some of the strengths (medicine) and challenges (shadow side) that each of these animals embodies and that are reflected in us. We see our own qualities in them and in this way they help us to define who we are. By working with them as Animal Spirit Guides I have connected with the inner wisdom (spiritual wisdom) and insights that these animals have to share with us. In effect, I have channeled their essence from within me; I have heard their whispered messages as if on the wind. I have come to truly know that each of these animals exists within us as much as we exist within them – we have interconnectedness.

In endeavouring to define the essence of the Australian Animals, I have chosen not to adopt an approach that reflects indigenous Australian beliefs as I do not believe that I can do justice to the origins of these traditions when they are not mine by birth. Instead, I have chosen to present the ideas in a Universal sense, incorporating symbols, runes, crystals, numerology, colour and astrology. These remarkable animals have something to offer us all. They are a wonderful source of inspiration and guidance for all people globally.

The Australian animals are appreciated and admired worldwide. All animals bring their gifts and medicine to the humans they share this planet with, if we take the time to look, listen and seek out that knowledge. We can access this wisdom daily for our own spiritual growth, guidance and inner peace.

This exciting book and card set, reflects the uniqueness of the Australian Animals and includes not only our most loved and well known but also equally our little known animals; some of which are now sadly endangered and under threat of extinction.

There are many paths to enlightenment and the ‘Wisdom of the Australian Animals Book & Card Set’ is just one of them. For many seekers after knowledge and guidance it holds more fascination than many other paths. The Australian Animals vibrate to their own particular crystal, rune, astrology sign, numerology numbers and have their own symbology.

This book and card set is designed to be used intuitively, by sighting the animal or by divination.

Divination is a technique used to help you, the seeker, connect with your higher self for insights, wisdom and messages from these animals. Through the divination we connect to ‘Spirit’ – our guardian angels, and our guides.   Created and written by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald (c) 1997