Author Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD resides in the coastal township of George Town, in the Tamar Valley, Northern Tasmania, Australia with her husband, Greg Fitzgerald and their rescue cat Hamish. Ann is a fifth-generation Tasmanian, the daughter of a WWII Polish Holocaust survivor and descendant from convicts and the Hobart Town First Settlers (1804). She has strong family links on her mother’s side to Norfolk Island and the early settlers at New Norfolk. After spending 40 years away from her home state, she relocated back to Tasmania in 2019. Ann holds a PhD in Metaphysical Science and completed her Master of Contemporary Arts (MCA) from the University of Tasmania in 2008. Ann is a writer, researcher, and family historian.

Ann is an author of four books and five card decks: ‘Words of Guidance’ by Son of White Cloud & The Wise Ones’; ‘The Keys to Successful Healing’; Auz Astrology – The Australian Animal Zodiac Book and set of 12 bookmarks; ‘Wisdom of the Australian Animals Book & Cards; ‘Australian Animal Tarot Deck’; ‘Inner Wisdom Guidance Cards’; ‘Butterfly Kisses Inspirational Cards’ and ‘Inner Magic Cards’. Ann has always known that all knowledge is within us. When we are in touch with our inner selves, we automatically become in touch with our guides. Ann sees her life as a journey of self-discovery and has for many years pursed various methods of self development, in order to achieve an understanding of herself and others.

Ann has been featured in numerous magazines like Insight, Southern Crossings and New Idea over the years and has contributed chapters to the Tasmanian Convict Lives books.

Published Works of Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

Wisdom of Australian Animals Book & Card Set

Hihorse Publishing 1997 ISBN 0 909223-76-9

Words of Guidance by Son of White Cloud & the Wise Ones

Hihorse Publishing 1997 ISBN 0 909223-68-8

Auz Astrology – the Australian Animal Zodiac Book

The Oracle Press 1999 ISBN 1 876494-124-X

Inner Wisdom Guidance Cards

The Oracle Press 1999 ISBN 1 876494-20-4

Butterfly Kisses Inspirational Card

The Oracle Press 1999 ISBN 1 876494-18-2

Inner Magic Cards

The Oracle Press 1999 ISBN1 876494-29-X

Australian Animal Tarot Deck

AGM AGMuller 2000 ISBN 3 905219-72-7

The Keys of Successful Healing (eBook PDF) 

Inner Wisdom Promotions 2000

Lana’s Little Book of Spells & Magick (eBook PDF)

Inner Wisdom Promotions 2000

Nothing is Really Solid (eBook PDF)

Inner Wisdom Promotions 2000

Convict Lives Female Convicts at the New Norfolk Asylum

Convict Women’s Press Inc 2021
Chapter: Eleanor Sullivan: Free-Spirited to Feeble-Minded

Auz Astrology – Australian Animal Zodiac Bookmarks

Auz Vizions 2022