A fascinating and exciting new zodiac based on our own Australian Animals. Australian Author Ann Williams-Fitzgerald reveals your animal-sign personality.

Auz Astrology – The Australian Animal Zodiac

Australian Animal Astrology

The signs of the Zodiac & Auz Astrology

The zodiac is divided into twelve signs, beginning at Aries and ending at Pisces. In Australian Astrology (Auz Astrology) we start with Red Kangaroo (Aries) and end with Platypus (Pisces). Travelling through these twelve signs enable us to find our keys to harmony and healing – to find our soul’s purpose.

Characteristics of Kangaroo/Wallaby (Aries)
The kangaroo or Great Foot has an abundance of speed making his flight quick. The great feet with highly developed tendons allow energy efficient long distance travel. Kangaroo/Wallaby mostly brings the energy of abundance because of their self-supporting attitude. Kangaroo sets down an intuitive path for its young to follow thereby ensuring its growth. Kangaroo has a natural nurturing tendency supporting and fostering and encouraging its young. Kangaroo has a strong sense of family togetherness.

Characteristics of Hairy-Nosed Wombat (Taurus)
The placid Wombats goes about their business largely unseen, tenaciously digging their large burrows underground with their claws that have evolved over time giving them a survival advantage over their predators. Their tenacity means they don’t give up on anything, they just keep digging until their goals are achieved. Being a nocturnal feeder gives them the advantage as most predators are sleeping when they are feeding.

Characteristics of Feather Tailed Pygmy Sugar Glider (Gemini)
This timid of all Gliders takes a giant leap of faith as they Parachutes themselves into the great unknown, only to land safety in the arms of their ‘goal’ tree. In the darkness of the night and silence of space, Sugar Glider launches their way through life ever trusting that the next tree will be there to catch them.

Characteristics of Koala (Cancer)
Koala with a firm grip on life always knows where they are going (even if they appear to be going slow) by the opportunities that they have been presented with. Koala is very selective in the paths they take and fosters only those paths that present the most enrichment for them. They choose their trees carefully for the choice will not only provide their source of food but also their bed for the night, so Koala slowly climbs back to the ground and quickly moves to the safety of their new abode. Koala energy points out that should we choose our path unwisely and move into areas of life that are not sustaining us, then we will become lost and find it hard to find our way back home to where life flows harmoniously. Koala also brings a sense of family unity and consideration of others.

Characteristics of Frilled Neck Lizard/Gecko (Leo)
“Oh what wonderful dreams we weave of times forgotten and times remembered”. Lizard remembers the Dreamtime, has not forgotten the times they ruled the Earth. One thing Frilled Neck Lizard has not forgotten but alas man has, is how to let go. Lizard/Gecko when under treat will let go of their tails as a defence mechanism thereby ensuring their survival, but man will not let go of past issues and this will always be his undoing, by bringing about dis-ease. If man would only remember to trust his inner Dream and learn to let go, his enlightenment would be ensured.

Characteristics of Echidna (Virgo)
Echidna is urging you to understand that you are not to be like him. He is most likely to raise his spikes when someone gets too close. He says “Get back or I’ll spike you, get out of my space” Poor little Echidna is so safely encased in his own comfort zone that he is afraid to allow anyone in, he is afraid to walk outside his self-imposed boundaries in order to learn. The moment he is confronted or threatened by life he rolls himself into a tight ball so that nothing can penetrate and he can’t then see the light.

Characteristics of Cockatoo/Galah (Libra)
Cockatoo/Galah reflects their self-esteem by primping and preening their feathers while wooing their mate and lovingly expressing “I am here”. “I am worthy, I am good”. Their friendliness is seen by the willingness they shows, to mix with others, being seen to even feed others during courtship. The cockatoo is sometimes seen alone but mostly they spend time in each others company in big groups.

Characteristics of Red Back Spider (Scorpio)
Spider ceaselessly weaves the web of life. They know that so long as they remain active in their life’s purpose they will always be nourished by the Universe. Their knowledge of the ‘Interconnectedness’ of all energy is reflected by their ability to catch what they need but not to waste.

Characteristics of Kookaburra/Kingfisher (Kookaburra)
He has a distinctive laughing call that when heard, makes one feel like laughing along with him. Stirring the joy that lives deep within your being. When you hear a Kookaburra/Kingfisher remember to allow yourself to laugh for laughter and joy are the very essence of our being.

Characteristics of Goanna (Capricorn)
“Curiosity killed the cat! – but information brought the Goanna back”. Goanna is forever looking into what is going on around it. Using its powerful body and legs it climbs trees and rocks to find out what’s going on over there! Goanna’s tongue flashes back and forth from his mouth, as he tastes the air to find out who’s about. He calmly saunters along poking is nose into all manner of mischief but, forget not, that should Goanna feel the need for speed, there is nothing to see after the dust has cleared.

Characteristics of Emu (Aquarius)
These great flightless birds of the open plains forage attentively in family groups and pair off during breeding season to share time together. The male then assumes the role of incubator directing his attention to the care of the eggs for 60 days and then the chicks as they grow. When spurred into action, an Emu can reach speeds of 55km per hour making it difficult for predators to run them down.

Characteristics of Platypus (Pisces)
“Find me if you can,” says Platypus, they are the masters of camouflage. Feeding in the dusk or dawn hours the Platypus is not easily seen and will dive beneath the water if it senses an observer. Don’t underestimate the energy of Platypus though timid, they have the means to defend themselves if they choose.

Taken from: Auz Astrology-The Australian Animal Zodiac, published by The Oracle Press, Written by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald (c) 1999