Gypsy Gold (Bronze) Tree of Life Pendant. 34mm round (Domed)

The Celtic Tree of Life is the symbol of balance between Earth and Heaven; The unification of above and below; a symbol of Balance and Harmony.  The Tree of Life is a very ancient spiritual symbol and apart from the Celtic, and Norse races – many other cultures, including Egyptian, Baha’i, Assyrian, and the Chinese have legends of a magical tree that stands at the centre of the world. Its fruit offers immortality – its roots reach deep into the underworld, the trunk resides on the earthly plane, while the branches soar into the heavens high above -representing birth, death, and rebirth.

Bronze was first used about 5,000 years ago (in the Early Bronze Age!) in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Traditionally a mix of copper and tin, modern bronze is mixed with aluminium which improves its strength and gives it an elegant, antique gold look. Jewellery made from bronze is ultimately long lasting, hard wearing and excellent value.